In India, the court ordered Facebook to pay Rs 25,000 in the case of false advertising

In India, the court ordered Facebook to pay Rs 25,000 in the case of false advertising.

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) The Bombay High Court of India ordered Facebook to pay more than 25 thousand rupees in the case of misleading advertisement.

According to India Today, the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has issued an injunction against the Consumer Redressal Commission’s order directing Facebook not to deliver products purchased online and for fraudulent advertising. But pay Rs 25,599 per person. The High Court ordered Facebook to deposit the amount in the High Court Registry. It should be noted that Facebook India Online Services and Meta Platforms Inc. approached the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court challenging the Commission’s June 2022 order. was

The District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission had ordered Facebook to pay Rs 599 to the user for receiving the wrong product. The commission also ordered the consumer to pay another Rs 25,000 as legal expenses and damages for mental trauma.

It may be noted that a customer had placed an order for shoes after seeing an advertisement on Facebook, but despite paying through a debit card, the delivery was not given to him, on which he approached the commission.

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