If your Android phone is also slowing down then this news is for you, very useful tips

If your Android phone is also slowing down then this news is for you, very …

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – Smartphone users are experiencing a slowdown in the phone, which can be due to a number of reasons. Now, experts have given some useful tips to Android phone users in this regard, by following which they can improve the performance of their phones. According to The Sun, experts say that if your Android phone is slowing down and its performance is being affected, then first of all, remove the unnecessary applications installed in it. This will not only free up storage space but also improve the overall performance of the phone.

Experts say that upgrading the storage of Android phones also improves its performance. It can be upgraded via microSD card. This is the biggest advantage of Android phones that iPhone users are deprived of. Many types of antivirus are available for free in Android phones, so if you are experiencing performance issues, scan the phone by installing any good antivirus and get rid of the bad software in it. Experts say that restarting the Android phone from time to time also increases its performance. Restarting the Android phone deletes the temporary files stored in it and clears the random access memory (RAM) which improves the performance of the phone. Also ‘off’ the live wallpaper. Giving and clearing the cache regularly also improves the performance of the phone.

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