Husband files divorce case against wife

The neighbor said that when she came to our house to get her clothes back, she was threatened and beaten by her husband. Photo: File

Annoyed by his wife’s strange habit, the 30-year-old Egyptian man went to court for divorce.

According to Arab media reports, the husband filed for divorce against his 22-year-old wife and took the position that his wife was suffering from a strange habit.

The Egyptian citizen said that he came to know about this when a woman from the neighborhood stopped him on the way and said that when she went to our house to get her clothes back, my wife threatened and beat her.

“Neighbors threatened to sue me, so I bought new clothes from the market and gave them to them to protect me from any legal action,” he said.

The Egyptian man said that when I asked his wife about this, she brazenly confirmed the incident.

“I am very worried about my wife’s habit and that is why I am deciding to divorce her,” said the citizen.

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