Huanzhou New Crown case stage is in short supply-

(Fighting against the new crown) New examples of Huanzhou

New York, New York, December 10th, the State of the Ring State said on the 10th that the state’s new slip ring case rate,, and rate were record highs, resulting in including

Eli, Secretary of State and Human Services Department Eli Eli (Elizabeth Hertel) reporter business development said that the state day

The medical equipment of Hertel’s out-of-state has shown,,, State wards, hospital machines, forward

, “The Detroit Crown News reported that on the 8th, the 9 state health departments recorded 14,419 patients who won the crown and donated money for the new crown.”

According to .6, 19.6% of the state was detected by the new test; 9, the reason for the state’s infection with Omic.Happened to them their worries wave the local medical system

When our crown was vaccinated at a faster national level, Hertel used as an auxiliary daily package.

N Australian News Network (CNN) said that the number of people who are completely virtualized in the virtual world is only about 0.555.5%, and the foreign country has a complete independence rate of 0.560.5%.

The United States·United States·Hopkins, the United States, the United States, the average daily increase in the number of cases in seven days, more than 10 in two months, at 12 o’clock on the 10th of the ten thousand observation month, the United States University updated the case to prove 49.705 million deaths and more than 795,000 cases. There are 25 states that have been infected with the Oak strain. (Finish)

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