How to make changes to a rental home without damaging it

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been spending more time at home and it is thought that one in four people can work remotely today, where many workplaces offer their employees the opportunity to work from home.

It’s understandable that you want to make your personal space as comfortable as possible. However, in our country, where the rate of people living in their own home is only 57.8 percent, the regulations on rental agreements and the restrictions of the landlords can sometimes mean that you cannot make a personal touch.

Fortunately, as a tenant, there are many things you can do to breathe new life into your home without violating your lease, losing your deposit, or affecting your insurance.

What you can and cannot do

What changes can or cannot be made on a residence are detailed in the lease agreements, and it is generally not possible to make too many changes. As a tenant, you are expected not to make changes to the fixtures; The right to make such changes rests with the property owner.

That is, you may not be able to do even the simplest things like painting walls or drilling walls to hang pictures. However, some landlords may not be strict about this and allow various changes to be made on the condition of reinstatement. For example, if a room is painted green and the tenant wants to paint it blue, they can paint the room blue and the room will be painted green again when the contract expires.

Landlord flexibility may also depend on how long you reside in the home. If you have lived in the same rental house for a long time and you have good relations with your landlord, it is normally easier to reach a compromise. Even if you don’t have any problems getting permission, it’s important to get written permission in case you run into problems later on.

In addition, you should know whether your insurance covers damages that may arise from the repairs you will make yourself. Normally, tenants cannot insure the property. While some insurance options include liability coverage, this typically relates to accidents rather than negligence. In case of negligence, the repair is the tenant’s responsibility; Therefore, consult your insurer about the coverages covered by your policy.

Make the rental house your own home!

Even if your host is a very strict person, your decoration options are not exhausted. You just need to engage your imagination.

Some tenants who can make big changes to the decoration may not be willing to do so because the cost is too high or the value increase in the property is not beneficial to them.

So, to get all the details, we’ve compiled some low-cost, easy-to-remove decorating ideas for you that can make a big impact.

Go green

Liven up your rooms with plants (or artificial plants). Today, the quality of artificial plants is very high. Plants make a space look much more lively in terms of design and green colors stand out. Isn’t that enough for you? Herbs can help with anxiety, reduce stress levels, boost memory, creativity and self-confidence.

Asmak ya da asmamak

If you want to showcase your favorite photos, you can use hanging strips with hook and loop tape on one side and adhesive on the other to secure your frames to the walls. According to the claims of quality brands, these belts can carry up to 7 kilograms and can be removed without damage.


Although you are not allowed to change the lighting fixtures, you can change the bulb and thus you can adjust the ambiance and temperature of the space as you wish. The brightness or, in some products, the color of smart bulbs connected via Bluetooth or wireless network can be changed with an application.

stack it

Can’t attach shelves to walls? Examine freestanding shelf options. Ladder-shaped shelves, for example, are extremely popular and can be found at reasonable prices. Another option would be to stack wooden blocks or crates on top of each other; Moreover, you can paint them in any color you want.

a soft touch

You can effortlessly add color and character to a room with upholstery such as carpets or drapes. Also, consider hanging tapestries on the hanging strips to diversify the frames and add warmth.

covert work

If radiator cores are disturbing your eyesight, use honeycomb cabinets. However, you may need to screw them into the wall; so it would be helpful to consult with your host beforehand.

Paste is also an option

Even if you think wall stickers are not a very attractive idea, keep reading. Today, stickers are produced from extremely high quality materials. Stickers can cover the entire wall without much expense. Many of them can be attached or removed without damaging the paintwork. Moreover, there are design options suitable for all ages and tastes.

It is extremely important that the house you live in is insured, even if you are renting. It is essential to have TCIP insurance for subscription applications, especially during the rental. Generali DASK insurance, which provides protection against all kinds of disasters, is with you in case of possible mishaps.

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