How much progress has the country made in the field of agriculture in the PTI government? Federal Minister Fakhram

How much progress has the country made in the field of agriculture under the PTI government?

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhrumam has said that the Prime Minister is paying special attention to the agriculture sector. There was an increase in revenue.

Addressing a press conference along with Information and Broadcasting Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Syed Fakhr Imam said that if we look at the history of agriculture in Pakistan from 1960 to 2000, it had a growth of 4% while from 2000 till now it has increased by 3%. Yes, Prime Minister Imran Khan has focused exclusively on the agriculture sector and has achieved considerable success. Millions of tons were produced more than a year ago, which would have been a loss if imported at today’s prices, as well as nine million bales of cotton this year, up from seven million last year, a profit of 50 750 million. Has happened

He said that due to record cultivation of paddy crop, 62 2.62 billion could be earned from extra exports, similarly maize crop was 8.9 million tonnes last year which has reached nine million tonnes this year. 81 million tons which is 89 million tons this year which would be worth 800 800 million if extra sugar was exported. Contributed and increased the income of farmers to Rs. 399 billion. In the future, besides general education, there will be innovation in agricultural education. In our ministry, agricultural production will be increased through mechanization. We need milk production and milk production. The focus will be on planting plants and improving the quality of animal feed.

The Federal Minister said that our livestock sector has a GDP of 60.7% and a milk production of 63 million tons of which only 60% is processed. The milk production process needs to be increased which will greatly improve Prime Minister Imran Khan is paying a lot of attention to increase the breeding of cattle and the improvement in it will raise the standard of living of the cattle breeders. We are going to establish all these sectors on modern lines.

Syed Fakhr Imam said that the world’s top 10 industries have shifted to high technology, we have to move towards this, agriculture and industry sectors are the special focus of the Prime Minister, we have to take our children and youth towards technical education. In order to grow startups, we are focusing on research areas to guide young people in the field of knowledge and research using the latest technology. We have to make modern machinery in the field of agriculture in collaboration with China. Chinese scientists have assured us that they are ready to cooperate in any way in the field of agriculture.

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