How high has the dollar soared on the first day of trading in the interbank market? Learn

The higher the dollar on the first day of trading in the interbank market, the more expensive it is …

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) The dollar has started flying higher once again after falling in value at the start of trading in the interbank market.

According to private TV Express News, when the interbank market started trading, the dollar depreciated. However, this decline was not permanent and the dollar started to bounce back. So far, the dollar has appreciated by 26 paise. And the dollar is trading at Rs 177.96.

On the other hand, the stock market is also on a downward trend today. At the start of trading, the 100 Index was at 43,395 points, which improved after a while and the index reached 43,478, but this journey could not continue and the index After losing 178 points, it has come down to 43,216 points.

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