Holidays of educational institutions in Sindh have become complicated, a new notification has been issued

Karachi: The issue of holidays of educational institutions in Sindh has become complicated. Holidays have been given in schools. However, the Sindh Home Department has issued a notification to reschedule the winter holidays.

According to Express News, winter vacations have been announced in educational institutions of Sindh from Monday, December 20, while NCOC has directed to give leave from January 3. Now the Sindh Home Department has issued a notification in which it has been said that the holidays will be extended from January 3 instead of December 20.

The Sindh Home Department on Saturday issued three notifications, one on holidays, the other on Christmas corona guidelines and the third on the expansion of the corona vaccine campaign in the transport sector.

The first notification said that the winter vacation schedule should be rescheduled and the winter vacation should start from January. The Home Department has forwarded its recommendations to schools, colleges and universities as directed by the NCOC.

The second notification states that people who have been vaccinated against corona should be allowed to attend Christmas celebrations, windows and doors of churches should be kept open on Christmas Eve to allow air to pass through, as a precaution against corona. Measures should be taken, mobile vaccines should be set up around all churches so that people who have not been vaccinated can be vaccinated.

In the third notification, the Sindh Home Department has said that on the direction of NCOC, the Transport Department has been directed to launch a full-fledged corona vaccine campaign in all sectors of the transport sector by December 26.

School holidays are over in Sindh, federation should not interfere, Chairman Private Schools

On the other hand, Chairman All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Association Haider Ali while rejecting the letter of Sindh Home Department on winter vacation said that winter vacation has started in Sindh. According to the official notification in Sindh January 1 will be a holiday.

He said that all the provinces were taking holidays as per their schedule, adding that the issue of holidays had been unnecessarily protracted for the last one week, adding that federal intervention in the provincial affairs was unnecessary. Is deprived

He further said that winter vacation is a matter of every year, aren’t the provinces able to fix it on their own? The sub-committee of the steering committee in Sindh has fixed the holidays on the directives of the Sindh Education Minister.

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