Heathrow Airport cancels flights for Queen’s funeral

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London: Numerous flights have been canceled or rescheduled from Heathrow Airport, the busiest airport in the world, on the occasion of the funeral of the late Queen of Great Britain II.

According to an international media report, a statement issued by the airport management said that the reason for the change in flight operations is to avoid any kind of noise on the occasion of the late queen’s national funeral.

British Airways has canceled 50 flights on the occasion of Queen’s funeral, thousands of passengers have been affected due to the change in the flight schedule.

According to the airport administration, on the occasion of the end of the last rites of the queen, there will be no movement of any kind at the airport for half an hour from 11:40 to 12:10.

The purpose of these arrangements to be made on September 19 is not to create any kind of disturbance during the two minutes of silence observed on the occasion of the last rites.

According to the administration, flights arriving at Heathrow Airport will be suspended from 01:45 PM to 02:20 PM to maintain silence during religious rituals.

No flights will be able to depart from Heathrow Airport for the next one hour and 40 minutes from 03:05 to 05:00 during the Queen’s funeral at Windsor Castle.

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