Heart of thieves, some jewels were stolen and sold by courier

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In India, thieves set the highest example of generosity, the hospital

According to Indian media reports, there was a burglary at a house in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh last month on the occasion of Diwali, in which around 20,000 Indian rupees worth of gold got away.

According to reports, all the persons had gone to their native home to celebrate Diwali on October 23 but when they returned 4 days later, they were disturbed to find jewelery worth Rs 20 lakh missing from the house.

However, the local police filed a theft report in October, after which some phone calls were made, and everyone was surprised to receive a parcel from the courier on the 31st where it had been stolen. stay

According to Indian media reports, when Varsaf opened the jar, his stolen items were found to be worth a few euros.

The family noted the sender’s address and phone number on the parcel and told the police that after seeing the CTV footage of the courier service office, the parcel had been sent to 2 persons. Seen submitting

However, the police are conducting raids in search of the rest of the gold and the thieves.

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