He generates millions of views on TikTok by asking the residents of Strasbourg an unexpected thing.

On TikTok, Beerus shares his beatboxing skills. (©TikTok video screenshot)

Noham, a 23-year-old youth known by the nickname Beerusis known to TikTok Thanks to an original concept: on the streets, asking strangers Strasbourgin reproducing sounds Beatboxan art he has been practicing for 11 years.

Some of his videos have been viewed millions of times.


Say after me! #microtrottoir #strasbourg #beatbox

♬ Original Sound – Beerus

Basically, beatbox to kill boredom

It was during his childhood that Barris practiced beatboxing. While undergoing treatment for his overweight, he meets a man who does beatboxing.

“I was looking for comfort, to entertain me, because the treatment was not easy,” Barris recalls. “That’s how I started, because to beatbox, you don’t need gear, just your mouth,” he continues.

At first he trains by watching. PolpoCandidates of The new star 2007 edition, who created a sensation for his skills as a beatboxer.


Get your lungs out 🫁 😂 #vaderriere #microbeerus #strasbourg

♬ Original Sound – Beerus

He brackets the beatbox…

Later, Beerus’ voice changes, causing him to withdraw for a while: “I couldn’t reproduce some sounds, it made me drunk”. Plus the fact that his “girlfriend” at the time “didn’t really like it”, “so I stopped”.

But periods of incarceration set him back. Again, “we had to find a vocation”.

Videos: Currently on Actu

The other one was not hurt! #microbeerus #strasbourg #beatbox #vaderriere

♬ Original Sound – Beerus

… before returning strongly to TikTok

Later, Beerus ends up going on TikTok, after the people around him encourage him to do so.

The concept of who broke it? He says he got a bit by accident during the shoot.

Today, Beerus’ mission is simple: “Keep entertaining strangers, keep it simple and meet people, other people in the business, whether it’s in the beat box or in the middle of the influencer.”

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