Governor Sindh objected to the ordinance to regularize the construction and sent it back

The Sindh governor objected to the Sindh government’s ordinance regularizing illegal buildings and illegal constructions.

Governor Sindh raised 10 objections to the ordinance, one of which is that there is no provision in the ordinance as to what punishment and fine will be imposed on those responsible for illegal constructions and buildings.

It may be recalled that the Sindh government had drafted an ordinance in the name of Sindh Commission for Regulation of Construction to curb anti-encroachment operations in the province which was sent by Sindh Chief Minister to Sindh Governor Imran Ismail for approval.

The draft states that the commission will decide on the regulation of illegal constructions within 60 days. The Commission may withdraw the regularization order on non-payment of fines.

Under the ordinance, no order of the commission can be challenged. After the issuance of the ordinance, the anti-encroachment operation in Sindh will be temporarily stopped and the order to demolish the buildings will be suspended for 90 days. ۔

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