Governor SBP Reza Baqir launches “Asaan Mobile Account” in Karachi

State Bank of Pakistan has launched “Easy Mobile Account” for branchless banking.

SBP Governor Dr. Raza Baqir inaugurated the “Easy Mobile Account” during a ceremony at the Central Bank’s headquarters in Karachi.

A statement issued by the central bank said that under ‘Easy Mobile Account’, by dialing * 2262 # code on mobile phone, branchless banking account can be opened, the user can go to the branchless banking agent and deposit money in his account. After getting it, you can use it through mobile phone.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between 13 branches of the branchless banking service.

Addressing the function, Governor Sindh said that ‘Easy Mobile Account’ will significantly increase bank account opening and less access to internet or distance from branchless banking outlets / bank branches will not be an obstacle for Pakistanis to access financial services. , The user will have the option to choose any organization to open the account.

He further said that the number of biometric verified mobile users in Pakistan is more than 187 million, however, they have only 106 million 3G / 4G users with 48% access to mobile internet. We have a potential market of about 81 million mobile phone users who can become ‘Easy Mobile Account’ users.

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