Government is dumb before IMF, deaf to people’s cries and blind on national issues: Siraj-ul-Haq

The government is dumb in front of the IMF, deaf to the cries of the people and the country’s problems …

(Daily Pakistan Online) Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Siraj-ul-Haq has said that the government is dumb before the IMF, deaf to the cries of the people and blind to national issues. Testimony confirms our concerns.

Talking to various delegations and media persons regarding Gwadar and Balochistan along with Information Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Qaiser Sharif in Mansura, he said that notices and tweets on Gwadar were insufficient and the Prime Minister should take immediate practical steps. On the issues of Gwadar and Balochistan, the government will only have to change the tradition of notices. He said that the nation wants practical steps instead of slogans, promises and announcements. Whether it is a matter of Rs 1100 billion for Karachi or the announcement of a package for the tribal districts, no promise has been fulfilled. Amir Jamaat-e-Islami said that due to wrong policies and incompetence of the government, middle class is disappearing in the country, the gap between rich and poor is increasing, which is dangerous for any society.

Siraj-ul-Haq said that inflation, unemployment and corruption have robbed the people of their right to live. The last option is Jamaat-e-Islami. He said that with the support of the people in the next election, Jamaat-e-Islami will win on a large scale. Siraj-ul-Haq said that the dollar was at its highest level in the history of the country and the 54% depreciation of the rupee was a question mark on the government’s economic policies. The government has burdened the people with the oppressive conditions of the IMF for obtaining loans, which this nation can no longer bear. The prices of electricity, gas, petrol, medicines and essential commodities are far beyond the reach of the common man. Today, 45% of the population is forced to live below the poverty line.

He said that it is a sign of inflation that 70-80% of the income of a common man is spent on basic necessities while people are forced to sell household items for the education and health of their children. The middle class is in danger because of the huge increase in problems in the last three and a half years, which is dangerous for any society. Increasing hatred and crime, the government will be dumbfounded in front of the IMF when the cries of the people are not heard, so it would not be wrong to say that it has become deaf to the nation and to reality instead of problems. Siraj-ul-Haq said that the testimony of the Federal Representative, the Governor of Punjab, regarding the IMF, confirms our concerns to understand the nuances of the issues. Enough for Jamaat-e-Islami has in the past demanded that the details of the agreements reached with the IMF and the World Bank be made public.

Amir Jamaat thanked the people of Pakistan for celebrating “Balochistan Solidarity Day” and demanded that the Prime Minister take practical steps beyond notices and tweets to solve the basic problems of the people of Gwadar and Balochistan. In Gwadar, the protest led by Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch has taken the form of a major movement. The government now has no choice but to resolve their issues through immediate negotiations. Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch is an Islamist and patriotic leader. The demands put forward by Gwadar Ko Haq Do Tehreek are related to legitimate and basic facilities and it is the responsibility of the state to meet them. He said that inflation, unemployment and corruption had deprived the people of their right to live. Despite the reduction in international petrol prices, the prices of petroleum products in the country have not been reduced yet. Every day the people are suffering due to the increase in the prices of food items. Siraj-ul-Haq demanded immediate reduction in prices of petroleum products and essential commodities. He said that Rs 1100 billion for Karachi and package announced for tribal districts should be implemented. The best and last option for salvation is Jamaat-e-Islami which is aware of all the problems and has effective solutions and plans. Jamaat-e-Islami will win the next election with the help and support of the people.

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