‘Government can only appeal to NGOs and companies, it cannot beat the sticks’

“The government can only appeal to NGOs and companies, not beat them with sticks …

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): Finance Advisor Shaukat Tareen has said that the country’s economy is not in a standstill but it is growing at five to five and a half percent, income has increased by 35 percent, income tax has increased by 32 percent, electricity consumption. The LSM has increased by 13% and LSM by 5 to 6% over the previous year, the profits of non-governmental companies have increased to Rs 950 billion from Rs 600 billion earlier, the government is telling the companies to increase their profits. Give to the lower class because they have to take care of their own people. If they take care of their employees today, they can improve the future. The government can only appeal to NGOs and companies. Don’t beat them. May your employees benefit from your profits.

Talking to a private TV channel, Finance Advisor Shaukat Tareen said that due to the appreciation of the dollar against the rupee, the SBP has hiked interest rates by one per cent, targeting core inflation in the country. At the moment, core inflation is Pune 8% while headline inflation is 2% higher. He said that in order to reduce the rate of dollar, interest rates have been increased and steps are being taken in this regard so that the dollar does not rise above 178.

He said that five bumper crops have been harvested in the country this year while inflation in the country is due to imported inflation which includes oil, coal and other commodities. The government will soon distribute Rs. Along with this, relief is also being provided to 20 million poor families under Ehsas Ration program while incentives are being given to small and medium industrialists.

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