Google faces $25.4 billion in damages claims

Google faces $25.4 billion in damages claims

BRUSSELS (Daily Pakistan Online) Search engine Google is facing €25 billion ($25.4 billion) damages claims from publishers in British and Dutch courts over its digital advertising practices, a lawsuit over the coming weeks. The firm will file on behalf of the publishers.

According to “Arab News”, Google’s ad tech has recently been facing scrutiny from antitrust regulators due to complaints from publishers. The French competition agency fined Google 220 million euros last year. In addition, the European Commission and its British counterpart are investigating whether Google’s ad tech business gives it an unfair advantage over competitors and advertisers.

The law firm said in its statement that now is the time for Google to fulfill its responsibilities and address the damage caused to this important industry. That’s why today we are filing claims in the UK and EU to redress the damages of publishers.

Google has criticized the lawsuits, saying it works constructively with publishers across Europe. A Google spokesperson said the lawsuit was speculative and opportunistic. When we receive a complaint, we will deal with it vigorously.

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