Gold tea sold at Rs. 100,000 per kg

Gold tea sold at Rs. 100,000 per kg

Dispore (Daily Pakistan Online) The famous and very rare Manohari Gold Tea of ​​the Indian state of Assam has set a record of being the most expensive tea. The tea was sold at Rs. 100,000 per kg (235,000 Pakistani rupees) during the auction.

According to India Today, Gold Tea is grown in Manohari Tea Estate, Dabrogarh District, Assam. The bid was made at Guwahati Tea Auction Center where Soro Tea Traders bought tea at the highest bid of Rs. 99,999 per kg. It is the most expensive tea ever sold.

It should also be noted that Assam is the largest tea producing region in the world where tea has been grown for the last 200 years. The tea here is loved all over the world.

The Guwahati Tea Auction Center sold 17.41 crore kg of tea during 2016-17. During the year 2017-18, 18.44 crore kg of tea was sold here and in 2018-19, 18.29 crore kg of tea was sold here.

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