Global aid to Pakistan’s flood victims is like salt in flour; US Senator

Bob Mends demanded protection for Pakistanis like Ukraine and Afghanistan, Photo: File

Washington: American Senator Bob Menendez has expressed regret over the aid given by the international community to the flood situation in Pakistan, saying that the aid money given to the flood victims is a bucket in the bucket compared to their loss. is equal to a drop.

According to the World News Agency, the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Bob Menendez, while addressing an event to collect funds on behalf of the Pakistani American community in New Jersey, expressed his concern and sorrow over the situation caused by the floods in Pakistan. At this time, he reiterated his commitment to provide all possible assistance to the people of Pakistan.

On this occasion, Senator Bob Menendez suggested that an International Donors Conference be held and more funds collected for flood disaster relief and rehabilitation program in Pakistan.

American Senator Bob Mends demanded from his government to give a disaster package for the flood victims of Pakistan and more relief program from the IMF, saying that the international aid given so far is not more than a drop of water in the bucket.

Senator Bob Menendez said that like Afghanistan and Ukraine, Pakistanis living in the United States should also be given temporary protection status and he will take this issue to President Joe Biden himself.

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