Genius Yield ISPO acclaimed: $ 115 million already delegated

Who Said Cardano Is An Empty Shell? It is true that the famous “layer 1” protocol has in the past tended to take its time, to the dismay of its community. Recently, the champion seems to have changed gear and new projects are investing the ecosystem under construction.

The Genius Yield yield optimizer is one of them. Long committed to the promising technology of Charles Hoskinson, the platform finally concretizes its efforts and launches its ISPO. The success was not long in coming. Don’t panic, you have until June 15 to participate.

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Genius Yield, a community that responds

During its first fundraiser, the company has already achieved the feat of raising $ 4.2 million. Today it is reiterating its tour de force, and even seems to exceed all expectations. The reason ? Since December 15th, Genius Yield launched its ISPO on the Cardano protocol. A token distribution method that is on the rise among crypto investors.

Genius Yield conducts ISPO on Cardano protocol

Indeed, the principle includes significant advantages. Perhaps the most important thing is not to have to raise cash when you are already a fan of the protocol. For example, to participate in this ISPO Genius Yield, all you have to do is delegate your ADA tokens to one of the pools offered. You are free to take them out whenever you want. At the end of the process, on June 15, 2022, a vesting period begins. You will receive your share of PEOPLE tokens in 2 airdrops, on January 1, 2023 and June 1, 2023.

A recognition that testifies to a massive interest

Confident in its technology, the team did not yet expect such enthusiasm.

” We launched 2 pools, 2 weeks before our ISPO started, and we started seeing some amazing numbers really quickly. We added 2 more closer to launch to avoid saturation. While we have confidence in our team and what we are building, seeing our community rise to the occasion by delegating so much so early on is heartening. It means that what we’re trying to accomplish really resonates with people. “

Dr Lars Brünjes, CTO of Genius Yield and Director of Education at IOHK, the company that builds Cardano.

more than 94 million ADA have been delegated to the ISPO of Genius yield to support the development of the crypto yield optimization application
The sums delegated at this time on the ISPO of Genius Yield exceed all expectations

But how many have they gathered? The question is on all languages. The answer is a definite signal. At the time of writing, more than 94 million ADA have been delegated on the 4 staking pools set up by the platform. Therefore, at the current price, approximately $ 115 million. An absolute record among projects that used the same token distribution strategy on Cardano.

Do you like Cardano? You will love Genius Yield

To join this panel of investors:

  1. Bring your ADAs. If you don’t have one yet, buy it from your favorite exchange
  2. Create a Cardano wallet. Genius Yield recommends Yoroi.
  3. Transfer your ADA from the exchange to your wallet address.
  4. Delegate your ADA on one of the 4 GENS staking pools:
  5. To do this, on your wallet, select “Delegation list”.
  6. Type ‘PEOPLE’ in the search bar
  7. Choose a PEOPLE pool and delegate
Investors will have no difficulty in joining ISPO.  With your Cardano wallet, it only takes a few clicks to delegate your ADA
Taking part in the ISPO Genius Yield is child’s play

The GENS 1, 3 and 4 pools will reward you 100% in GENS. GENS 2, on the other hand, offers 50% compensation for GENS and 50% for ADA. By June 15, the process will have come to an end and the accounts will be done. You will receive your reward in 2 stages (January 1 and June 1, 2023) in proportion to the importance of your share in the pools, and the duration of your commitment. The former will thus be better served.

Genius Yield offers a mobile application for optimizing yields. A real portable DEX which allows you to automate your yield farming strategies according to your profile, your expectations, your appetite for a particular sector etc …

With the explosion of DeFi, it’s no wonder that an intuitive, relevant and mobile solution garners the favor and hopes of a Cardano community that expects nothing but the blossoming of the ecosystem. performing that has been promised for years. No offense to detractors.

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