Genius Yield announces its next ISPO to revolutionize DeFi on Cardano

Genius Yield announces its next ISPO to revolutionize DeFi on Cardano

At the heart of the battle between the various blockchain networks, Cardano retains the confidence of an invested and militant community. Either way, even the most prominent protocols must struggle to deliver a decentralized ecosystem that is both rich and relevant.

At the heart of the major challenges, DeFi is today a strategic sector. In this little game, Genius Yield could well prove to be a decisive advantage for Cardano technology. Between yield optimizer and liquidity pools, the new phenomenon DEX launches its public ISPO on December 15th.

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Genius Yield, the platform that wants to democratize DeFi

Recall here that the company aims to offer the best ROI (returns on investment) of decentralized finance. This real DEX will allow the automation of your personal strategies in terms of yield farming. In addition, it will adjust in real time without the need for any intervention on your part.

Genius Yield wants to offer the best passive returns of DeFi

You will be able refine your passive returns according to your profile and your ambitions. The expected performance, the fees you’re willing to pay. But also your risk tolerance, the frequency of your profit taking, etc. Artificial intelligence-driven liquidity management protocol will maximize returns. In addition, it will minimize exposure to risk.

“Unless you are a full time investor, it is very tedious to take full advantage of all the investment opportunities available on DeFi platforms. We want to change that and make it easier for everyone to make their money work without compromising on risk and user experience. ”

Laurent Bellandi. co-founder of Genius Yield,

Genius yield wants to transform the face of DeFi

Genius Yield is backed by one of the most prestigious teams in the Cardano ecosystem. Led by Dr Lars Brünjes, it hopes to shake up the DeFi landscape as we know it. A revolution which requires above all a better understanding of the complex logics which govern this sector. Therefore, the team had to be inventive, and inclusive.

Genius Yield offers in addition to its automated DeFi strategies, the Genius Academy which intends to increase the global understanding of these crypto-financial solutions.
The Genius Academy offers sophisticated educational content

To popularize sometimes obscure concepts such as liquidity pools, oracles, NFTs, synthetic assets and so on, Genius Yield offers a tailor-made tool: the Genius Academy. The stated objective is simple. It is not just a question of helping novices to take advantage of the various decentralized finance. The goal here is to facilitate the real and deep understanding of the ins and outs.

Chapters will punctuate the large database, available in many languages. They will therefore allow a natural progression in the complexity of concepts and technologies. Many experts will come to share their knowledge. All sensitive issues and needs will be addressed, regardless of user profile.

After raising $ 4.2 million in a first round of funding, Genius Yield is about to launch a new fundraiser aimed at the general public. To obtain the platform’s native token ($ GEN), users will need to take part in an Initial Stake Pool Offering, ISPO.

To get your coins, you just have to delegate your ADA, and you will receive PEOPLE directly in your crypto wallet
Your preferred wallet will receive the GENS $ directly at the end of the ISPO

A simple principle, which has the advantage of not having to invest new cash in it. Indeed, rather than selling tokens to obtain funds, ADA owners will only have to delegate them. In return, from December 15 until June 15, 2022, Genius Yield undertakes to distribute 10% of all $ GENs in circulation. All users who will show their confidence by blocking their ADAs on polish the strike provided for this purpose will be fairly rewarded.

Thus, 10 million tokens will be paid for the support of investors, in proportion to the number of tokens allocated and the delegation time. A more open model that rewards both large and small portfolios, in complete transparency, in a more fair and decentralized way than the usual IDOs. When the $ GENs are issued, investors will receive their share directly in the application wallet.

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