Gas crisis in the country’s largest city, forcing people to cook with apples

Gas pressure has dropped further in different parts of Karachi. In the largest city of the country, the low-income group has been forced to cook with apples while women say that now the price of apples has doubled.

The low-income earners in Karachi have been forced to cook with apples in the face of severe inflationary pressures.

With the government not giving concessions, LNG coming or not, along with cows, buffaloes, milk, butter, ghee, meat, fertilizer, biogas and fur have now become the last hope in cooking fuel.

Because compared to the monthly LPG cost of Rs 8000, you can get it cheap or almost for free.

In Sher Shah area of ​​Karachi, there are no more fences like before, so there are fewer apples and more buyers. Therefore, the price of apples has also gone up. A sack of apples was available at Rs. It is reported from many areas of India that an apple has become worth Rs. 4 to 5.

Experts say that apple smoke is harmful but what can be done that the fire of inflation has erased the whole feeling and people are ready to take this risk.

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