From Keron to 63 countries and regions, the presidents and presidents of Kaikai New Skateboard

Beijing, Beijing, December 13th. Comprehensive news: According to the latest statistics from Johns University in the United States, Brazil data at 8:23 on the 13th, the number of global new crown cases reached 5,305,561.

It was stated on the 12th that the Okeron strain has reached 63 countries and regions, and the strain is in the same strain. It can be known whether it is effective and caused the infection.It also shows that what is happening, the Oo O O O Strain

Income Month Month Day Reporter Chen Mengtong

  : Fan again and again

“New York” reported on the 12th,,, The National and Hospital Anthony Fauci Fauci Fauci 12th Sickness American Eye Wolf 600 hours viewers did not

00 “The New York Times” shows details 11,, the average daily death toll is 00,1200, an increase of 0.9119,000.Delta strain surpasses possession in the United States

    Picture: Haircut in Hertford, UK,

  Exceeding Russia and Russia accumulating more than 10 million

Headquarters Russian Command Headquarters reported on the 12th that in the past 24 hours of Russian time, there were new cases of crowns in 299929. Since mid-October, there have been 30,000 cases in China every day. Now there are more than 1,000 cases, 16 reaching 1,016,896 cases; new Increased the number of deaths by 1132, with a total of 289,483 deaths

According to RIA Novosti, Lord Volodin 11 of the Russian Duma (lower house of parliament) said through the social networking platform, the Russian President’s premises and architectural public places, that,,,,, Government representatives will be held on December 13

, The government has submitted to the state horse in that place, etc. Wait. The two-dimensional and two-dimensional must be related to the health conditions or air regulations of the civil place, or the individual has contracted new coronary pneumonia and the street code is not medically available A

V Virus Infection Virus Infection Day said on the 12th that due to the infection of Omik’s portrait photos, an upgrade has been added to the new “V Coronavirus Disease System System” (new coronavirus alert level).

There will be 12 nights at the Sunside Meadow to the National Television, New Additives for all registered qualifications of 18 years old and above in the UK.

Say: Aoaoao Ao Mirong Rong is now very clear that the virus strain is coming, and the virus strain is for him.

As of the 12th, the cumulative number of people infected with the new crown virus in Germany and Germany has exceeded 650.In view of the existing epidemic prevention measures, whether to seal this year’s Christmas holiday

Scholtz,,, Epidemic prevention is flexible, “The epidemic has spread to us, red line, red line, red line.

    Figure Malaysia Malaysia temporarily closed due to an outbreak

  :Single-day molds in Malaysia has been established for 7 months

The health department released on the 12th showed that since the federal government at noon, there have been 90 3490 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country in the past 24 hours. For example, this is the number of new cases of 20 3120 in a single day in Malaysia on May 4 this year. reduce

000 The last single-day instance of 4000 cases was on May 16 this year. From the end of May, the single-day exceeded 000 000 6000 cases. Although temporarily eased, it can still be seen to rise to the peak of more than two months on the 3rd to two months later. , It’s only stable at 10,000

The emergence of the Omilon Rong strain has caused a social epidemic, whether the society will be infected with the virus viper. Already on December 2nd, due to the crowning of Omi Mi from November 19 to December 8, there were a total of 298 strains of the virus in the country. Omi Keron only had itself on December 2 and the rest still took Delta as an example. .

“” “” “News, research studies one kind of Indian experts Rong Rong hours hours hours hours hours hours required in full knowledge reduction of 36 hours, four to five days to restore gene

    Picture: Recent

  : Presidential candidate

The Presidential Palace The Presidential Palace issued a statement on the evening of the 12th, saying that the results of the new crown virus in Ramaphosa that day produced results and were treated and

Under threat, President Mabuza.The presidential statement stated that the infection was right

It can be seen that a few people have waited for the same person.

35 The data released by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases on the same day showed that in the past 24 hours, there were 18035 new cases of new crown cases in South Africa, and a total of 3,167,497 confirmed cases; 21 new cases and a total of 90,137 deaths. . (Finish)

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