From Brest, she travels to Argentina to follow in the footsteps of the character in her first book.

Margaux Haileys, here in the Boca district of Buenos Aires, left Brest last weekend. © Margaux Helies

A year ago, Margaux Hales decided to start writing a novel. The story of a 25-year-old young woman, who is a little lost in search of her identity. And who decides to go to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The book was almost finished when, one morning, the author had an idea: to go to South America to follow in the footsteps of his protagonist!

she is Part of Brest Airport Paris on Saturday 29 October 2022, then Madrid, before landing in Buenos Aires the following morning.

“A Little Inspired by My Life”

She tells us her story while sitting in a restaurant in the capital of Argentina. “For the writing of the book, I did myself a little bit Inspired by my life. I am a social worker. Until October 15, I worked at the Reception and Support Center for Risk Reduction for Drug Users (Caarud) in Brest, where I have always lived. I started Write when things weren’t going well.. Society is quite oppressive, we are told too soon to invest for the future. »

And to continue:

I was inspired by images on Google to describe the places my main character went.

He bought his ticket to Argentina in July, which was confirmed earlier. Traveling alone “My grandmother passed away last March in Portugal. The inheritance I was paid was exactly the same as the price of the ticket, it’s pretty crazy”, Brestwise still marvels.


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Living with locals, she is currently surveying neighborhoods to immerse herself in the places her heroine has passed through, thus embellishing her book with more accurate details. “Comedian and writer Felix Rado says ‘life burns and if it doesn’t burn you, you’re not alive’, so when I got there I had ‘Burn’ on my arm. Got a tattoo”, said Margaux Hales with a pleasant smile. Surprised by the public reception. Less than a large number of Homeless in slums From the city

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Before that she plans to stay in Buenos Aires until Saturday, November 12.Visiting other cities for a month. of that Travel Follow her on Instagram page and Tik Tok.

And the book? “I’ll send it to publishing houses. I’m proud of what I’ve written, especially now that I have details that make it more legitimate.”

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