Forex »USD / CAD crosses 1.2650» Bank of Canada maintains rates

USD / CAD is slightly lower on the forex during the New York session, trading at 1.2654 at the time of writing, after the Bank of Canada (BoC) kept the discount rate unchanged at 0.25%, as expected by market participants.

Market reaction

As evidenced by the one-hour chart, the USD / CAD pair fell on the forex towards 1.2652, easing the bullish move, then the pair retreated below the December 7 low around 1.2635, only to rebound. where it was swaying at the time of publication.

In its statement, the Bank of Canada said it expects CPI inflation to remain high in the first half of 2022, but expects it to moderate in the second half, around 2%. In addition, commented that the CPI is high and that “the impact of global supply constraints is reflected in a wider range of prices of goods”.

Regarding the economic outlook, the Bank of Canada said the economy had “considerable momentum” in the fourth quarter, including improving labor market, which brought the employment rate back to pre-employment levels. pandemic. However, flooding in British Columbia and the uncertainty of the omicron variant “could weigh on growth by exacerbating supply chain disruptions, reducing demand for some services”.

The Bank of Canada commented that “given the continued excess capacity” the Canadian economy would continue to need monetary policy support and stressed that it is “committed to maintaining the rate. Until the economic downturn is absorbed. According to the Bank of Canada’s October projection, this will happen in the intervening quarters of 2022.

USD/CAD : perspectives techniques

In the one hour chart, the pair USD / CAD has a bearish bias, as evidenced by the Hourly Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) which are well above the spot price. Also, a substantial consolidation around the December 7th low at 1.2635, former support turned resistance, as evidenced by the seven candles discarded by the aforementioned resistance.

Nonetheless, in the event of a bullish breakout, the first resistance would be the daily high at 1.2663. A clear break out of this level would expose key resistance levels, with the central daily pivot at 1.2679, followed by the 50 hour SMA moving average at 1.2688, then the R1 daily pivot at 1.2723.

On the flip side, if 1.2635 holds, it will put downward pressure on the forex for the USD / CAD pair, exposing critical support areas. The first support would be at 1.2600, followed by the S1 daily pivot at 1.2591, and the S2 daily pivot at 1.2547.

Par Christian Borjon Valencia, FXStreet

Christian Borjon, Forex News Editor at FX Street, has been an experienced trader for six years in Forex and CFD commodities. He worked at CITI Banamex (CITI branch in Mexico) as a Forex Market Maker for a year and a half. Christian holds a UA Business Administration degree from C, Mexico. Like many other traders, he started taking a course and learning the hard way. Christian later discovered it and became obsessed with fundamental analysis and macroeconomics, as well as its influence on financial markets.

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