Feroze Khan threatened his wife with a pistol, the news is circulating on social media

Feroze Khan and Syeda Aliza got married in 2018 (file photo).

Karachi: The news is going viral on social media that the ex-wife of actor Feroze Khan has said in the court that Feroze Khan has been physically and mentally torturing her during their 4-year marriage.

A few weeks ago, the ex-wife of Feroze Khan, Aliza Sultan Khan, announced on social media that she wants to end her marriage with Feroze and for this she has approached the court, after which Feroze Khan also did it. was confirmed.

However, reports are now circulating on social media that Feroze’s ex-wife has accused him in court, saying that Feroze had been torturing and harassing her for a long time, and that Feroze once threatened and intimidated her. A pistol was also placed on his head.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, it has been stated that Aliza has requested the court as she has two children, the son is studying in a defense school while the girl is still young, so the child support is non-existent. In this case, Feroze should pay them one lakh per month per child, on which Feroze has taken a position in the court that he can pay only 20 thousand.

It should be remembered that Feroze Khan and Syeda Aliza got married in 2018, the two children of this couple who recently parted ways are a son and a daughter, while their relationship was confused since the first child.

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