FBR issues notice to traders in Faisalabad

Collected data of 20,000 shops from eight bazaars

Against unregistered traders, FBR collected data of 20,000 shops from eight bazaars of Faisalabad and also issued notices to register traders.

In order to register business people in the tax net, data was collected from a digital survey in a pilot project in which 13,000 business people were found unregistered.

According to Additional Commissioner FBR Asif Rafique, we obtained data from digital survey in which according to the data we have, 50% of the people are not in the tax net. Our target now is a monthly tax collection of Rs. 5 billion and after that the tax recovery can increase by another 30%.

Trader Abbas Haider says that our shopkeepers have broken their backs by paying taxes. At present we are paying Rs.

According to FBR officials, the pilot project is expected to increase tax revenue by up to 30%.

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