Expressing a unique wish of a female fan to Rizwan

This desire of the girl also surprised the social media users. Photo: ESPN Kirk Info

The female fan in the stadium made a unique request to the wicket keeper of Pakistan cricket team Muhammad Rizwan.

Cricket website ESPN Kirk Info shared a picture of a woman in the stadium during the second T20 match between Pakistan and West Indies on its Twitter account yesterday.

At the Karachi National Stadium, the woman was carrying a placard that read in English, “Rizwan, please adopt me.”

While sharing the photo, Karak Info mentioned cricketer Mohammad Rizwan and also said hello. However, Rizwan did not respond to this tweet.

This wish of the girl surprised every viewer, one user said that this wish of yours cannot be fulfilled because Rizwan has already adopted his pillow.

It is to be noted that Pakistan has gained a decisive lead in the series by winning the second T20 against West Indies yesterday.

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