Excessive use of smartphones may lead to precocious puberty, research suggests

This was revealed in a new study / file photo

Excessive use of smartphones can lead to early puberty in children.

This warning comes from a new study in Turkey.

Research has shown that blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets can alter the levels of certain hormones, increasing the risk of premature puberty.

In this study, this was discovered after experiments on mice, and the researchers believe that the blue light from these devices has negative effects on a hormone, melatonin.

Keep in mind that the light emitted from smart devices has been linked to sleep deprivation, but the results of this new study suggest that it may also affect children’s development.

In this study, rats were exposed to blue light emitted by smart devices and the changes in hormone levels were examined.

The results showed that the mice exposed to blue light started puberty earlier.

In these mice, melatonin levels decreased while levels of 2 other hormones increased, leading to precocious puberty.

“We discovered that the blue light from the devices changes the levels of certain hormones. These findings cannot yet be applied to children, but should be considered a risk factor,” the researchers said.

He said that in this regard, more research is needed on the changes in human hormones caused by blue light.

The researchers advised parents to limit the use of smart devices for young children, especially at night, to avoid negative effects on hormones.

The results of this study were presented during the annual meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology.

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