Every year, paralytic Australian parrots die, the cause still unknown

Australia’s colorful passage catbirds form a paralyzing university every year in Mahin Khas (Photo: File)

Brisbane/Perth: In each special month, cats are guests of the Austrians for months of paralyzing nature and even food

The songbirds are native to North Wales and are also known as the Wild Rainbow Rut. However, Maher calls this disease Veil Cat Paralysis (LPES) which is also a climatic disease. So far, those who have tried have not been saved and no cure has been found.

Some birds have tongues, beaks, and claws, and even their eyelids cannot close.

The phenomenon was first observed in the 1970s when the birds became paralyzed and easily preyed upon by hunters. However, there are several theories in this regard. One thing that the birds have been affected by the Kerdan’s seal may be because of the plants that have been raised since October. From October to June these plants are somehow susceptible to the virus and as a result the birds themselves face death.

Every year, paralytic Australian parrots die, the cause still unknown

The University of Sydney and the University of Queensland sound in a paper in 2011 that the most likely possibility is Experts believe that these birds are dying sick by eating certain types of haari plants. He ruled out a climate virus.

But the good news is that if Syrian sick birds are treated, about 60 per 7 but it requires strict care, treatment and forceful action.

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