Even children can hold up to 13 minutes underwater.

The tribe lives in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines / Photo courtesy

If you submerge the pain reliever in a bucket of water, your body triggers an automatic process.

Heart rate will slow, blood vessels will constrict and the spleen (spleen) will enlarge.

All of these are aimed at conserving energy in the absence of oxygen.

Most people can last a few minutes underwater, some people can even spend in it, but you know there is not a single tribe in the world that they are not related to less than a superhero.

The Bajau tribe, also known as sea nomads, live in the sea and can swim up to 200 feet underwater.

In the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, these individuals are embarking on ventures to search for fish or natural resources. ************************************************************************************* *****************************************************************************

But how is it possible that a human can stay underwater for a long time? So it was answered in a study a few years ago.

In fact, said Orleans are human beings whose genes have created and caused a mutation larger than their spleens, giving them a genetic predisposition to deep diving.

What is the spleen try?

Even children can hold up to 13 minutes underwater.
A study examined this tribe’s ability to surprise / Photo courtesy of Yunus

Like all organs in the body, it is possible to live without the spleen, but its immune system support helps the body return red blood cells.

In various research reports, it has been proved that the baboon is the largest living mammal. ”What is it” ********************

What happened in the research?

Tribesmen are residents like this / Photos courtesy of Harvard Magazine
Tribesmen are residents like this / Photos courtesy of Harvard Magazine

Experts from Denmark’s Copenhagen University have considered the same idea that has faced scrutiny in the Bajau community.

It is believed that there is a 60 percent increase in the number of members of this community in Mumbai

It is believed that this way of life of the Bajau tribe has not changed significantly enough for generations to genetically eliminate the power of diving. Mill

People belonging to this way of life of the Sayyids spend a lot of time in their homes and catch fish. There are ****

During the research, a contact sample of individuals from the Bajau community in Indonesia and the Silwan group were conducted in the river.

Researchers have compared the average person’s length of time to years, but not the Bajau tribe

I would recommend the PDE 10A gene to others

This gene is present in the thyroid gland and controls the secretion of hormones.

Research has shown that this gene is responsible for the release of our hormones that cause rapid growth.

The researchers determined that the results of the experiment were to obtain results from a method in the future, such as oxygen deficiency.

What are the opinions of other experts?

Hunting / Photo courtesy of Authentic-Indonesia
Hunting / Photo courtesy of Authentic-Indonesia

According to Richard Moon, dean of the Duke University School of Medicine, the role of tele is important, but other factors are also important.

Richard Moon has been doing a lot of research on the human body’s response to extreme altitude and depth.

According to him, when a person goes under water, the blood vessels of the lungs are filled with more blood and in severe cases death occurs due to rupture of the artery.

He opined that Bajau tribe members are genetically susceptible to the disease.

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