Epic Games and NFT: a first video game on the blockchain

The 10th art switches to NFTs – In the shadow of a bear market that seems set to last, the big companies of video games get organized and test new products. Today we learned thatepic games has just launched its very first game based on NFT on his shop. It’s up to you!

Epic Games: this giant ready to switch to web 3

Is it still the presenter comb epic games ? If in doubt, here are some of their greatest hits: God of War, Assassin’s Creed, GTA, Tom Raider and, of course, Fortnite.

Last June, officials fromepic games announced advance their intentions to develop video games on the blockchain. In fact, it seems that they have taken action with “Block Party” which remains available in “early access”.

Some characters from the game Blankos Block Party from Epic Games – Source:

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Blankos Block Party: NFT, fun and crazy design

Thus, this game mixes everything that makes the salt of current games: crazy people preposterous in appearance, original cards and colorful and a good back of fun. You can play it alone or with others. Moreover, the use of NFT is absolutely not mandatory.

It is rather for the moment an option that allows you to customize your character even more and to add accessories to it. Mythical Games had already launched the beta version in 2020 and, according to the studio, the game gathered more1 million players a day this Later they are launched, I am attracted to famous partners, like the musician DJ Deadmau5 or the French company Atari.

It will still take a bit of patience For fans before they can explore the colorful and original universe of Blankos Block Party. More than anything else, NFTs weren’t part of a medium or long term of a video game crowd. It remains to be seen what they will actually bring to it. as an attendant, some big houses edition of smoking video games time for reflection before taking the plunge.

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