“Enjoy rape if it can’t be stopped”, a statement from an Indian parliamentarian caused commotion

Smriti Irani also called Nazeeba’s statement shameful and asked Congress to expel Ramesh Kumar from the party.Photo: File

The controversial statement made by the top congressional leader Ramesh Kumar on rape in the state assembly caused a sensation in India.

Yesterday, India’s Karnataka state parliament severely criticized Ramesh Kumar’s controversial statement on rape by senior congressional leader.

According to Indian media reports, during the state assembly meeting, the speaker wanted to end the debate in a hurry, while the parliamentarians were fighting for more time.

In this case, Congress leader Ramesh Kumar stood up and said: “When rape is impossible to stop, people should enjoy it.”

Members of Congress, including the Speaker, scoffed at his statement, but the statement of the Indian leader caused a sensation in India.

Several members of the party condemned the congressional leader’s statement and demanded an apology.

On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata’s leader, actress and federal minister Smriti Irani also called Nazeba’s statement shameful and demanded that Congress expel Ramesh Kumar from the party.

At the same time, congressional leaders apologized for his statement after being severely criticized.

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