electricity A shopkeeper got an astronomical bill from 50 to 23 thousand euros!

Marmande shopkeeper Maimoona Derkaoui received a particularly high electricity bill. (©Republican 47 – Matthew Wich)

Maimoona Darkawi, shopping On Murmande (Lot-et-Garonne)received Receipt electricity Astronomical this Monday, October 31, 2022. Amidst the rise in price of Energy : He is said to pay. €23,083. The one that usually pays 50 euros…

what happened ?

Maimouna runs the small “Just’in” shop at 10 rue Léopold-Faye in the heart of the tomato town of Lot-et-Garonne. His business is not particularly enlightened than others.

I only have 18 neon lights that only work when I’m open. And two small bulbs in the back room, old fashioned.

Maimuna Durkao.
Maimuna Darkaui's shop is reasonably bright.
Maimuna Darkaui’s shop is reasonably bright. (©Republican 47)

The invoice was multiplied by 460.

Obviously, the shopkeeper, upon receiving this Receipt (Considering the last two months) was particularly surprised. “But I was still very flexible. I called EDF And I took it as a joke. Fortunately,” Maimona said Republican 47.

In fact, Marmandez prefers not to take this news too seriously:

I told EDF that I had not yet opened a Las Vegas-style casino or a nuclear laboratory under my shop.

Maimuna Durkao.

amount to be paid, Multiply by 460 Compared to what Maimuna usually has to pay.

This contrasts with what the trader’s counter shows:

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  • The consumption recorded on the bill in September 2022 is 119,633 kWh. This is significantly higher than what the meter shows. Republican 47 can check.
  • In July 2022, the bill shows a consumption of 268 kWh.
  • At peak times, the store’s consumption in the last two months would be multiplied by 340!

No links.

If the counter Linky Much talked about in recent years, the shopkeeper is “vehemently opposed” to it and still “outdated.” Counter EDF”.

After being Controversial His bill to the electricity supplier, reassured Maimouna somewhat: “They are going to send someone here to see that my Complaint It is logical and it is not. cheating”.

The opportunity, no doubt, to lower that astronomical note.

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