Due to the Prime Minister’s engagement in Uzbekistan, the new prices of petrol could not be announced

Islamabad: The announcement of new prices of petroleum products has been delayed due to the engagement of Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif in his visit to Uzbekistan.

Officials of the Ministry of Finance kept waiting till late night but could not receive any decision from the Prime Minister House regarding the summary of price changes of petroleum products. The spokesman of the Ministry of Finance says that the new prices will be announced as soon as the summary is received from the Prime Minister’s House.

As usual, the Ministry of Finance was supposed to announce the change in the prices of petroleum products for the next 15 days on September 15, in which a decrease in the price of gasoline was expected, but the matter of determining the prices of petroleum products was taken to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Uzbekistan. The city is with the Prime Minister in Samarkand.

As the Prime Minister did not take any decision on the summary, the prices could not be announced till twelve o’clock at night. Sources say that the Ministry of Finance is waiting for the orders of the Prime Minister regarding the prices of petroleum products. After that, a decision can be taken regarding the prices of petroleum products.

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