Due to lack of gas, RLNG plants are not running at full capacity, NEPRA said

NEPRA has said that RLNG plants are not running at full capacity due to lack of gas.

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Energy was held today under the chairmanship of Saifullah Abro in which the restoration of shut down government thermal power plants was reviewed. Briefing NEPRA officials, he said that licenses were issued for cheap power plants of 600 MW, cheap wind and solar power plants could not be installed and these power plants could not meet the new renewable energy policy of the government. Cheap electricity can be generated at Rs. Per unit.

NEPRA officials further said that due to non-availability of gas, RLNG plants could not run at full capacity and running low capacity plants would be a burden on the people.

Talking about the dismissal of Hesco’s CEO in the meeting, Power Division officials said that the CEO was removed for poor performance but it seems that the chairman of the committee wants to retain the CEO on which The chairman of the committee said that it is not possible for me to hang the CEO.

Chairman Committee Saifullah Abro told Additional Secretary Power that he paid Rs. 33 lakhs to the lawyer for the case against the CEO, to which the secretary replied that Rs. Will spend

The chairman of the committee said that K Electric owes Rs 292 billion to the federal government while the arrears of Rs 53 billion have been pending since 2008. Why is a private company playing with the government? Saifullah Abro ordered to receive Rs 53 billion from K Electric in 15 days and said that if this does not happen then this case should also be sent to FIA.

Briefing the Standing Committee on Power, the Additional Secretary Power said that at present they are supplying 1150 MW power to Electric and will increase the power supply from National Grid to 2250 MW. Tell Karachi the date for this power supply agreement. He said that he will not tell the date so as not to be embarrassed tomorrow but I assure you that the new power supply agreement will be signed soon by Electric.

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