Do’s and don’ts to enjoy running

Races and runs are milestones for runners of all ages and experience levels; It is exciting, refreshing and enjoyable.

But there are a few things that can cause even the most seasoned runner to get stressed when preparing and running for a short run or a marathon.

To help you avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, we’ve put together a video of five do’s and don’ts for jogging.

These include being mindful of what you eat and drink as the big day approaches, or trying to control anxiety by staying away from tracking apps and social media.

Even if unconsciously, worrying about the weather conditions and the people around you can be a big factor influencing that day.

So don’t let anything stand in your way and watch our video of five tricks and strategies to make your next race the best it can be.

Although running is both an enjoyable and healthy activity, sometimes you may find it difficult to deal with anxiety. With the Generali Complementary Health Insurance, secure both your physical and mental health and your running performance will never decrease.

px Do's and Don'ts for Enjoying Running

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