Dordogne Sébastien Aniballe, the blacksmith, makes a knife with the image of Coly-Saint-Amand

In his 90 meter studio2Sébastien Aniballe makes his knives from A to Z, from drawing the lines on the blades, to designing their engraved leather cases. (©LL/Success in Périgord)

His first knife was in his hands at the age of five. This is his grandfather. Master cabinet maker who gave it. always, Sebastian Enbelle Immersed in the world of Cutlery. ” With my father or my grandfather, we always served a knife. I knew a lot about this object but it was not enough for me. And the only aspect that escaped me was manufacturing. “Says the young man who laughed and confessed:” I understood what I wanted to do at the age of 36.
This native of Marseilles, who had lived at War for 18 years as a butler in St. Tropez, left everything – territory and trade – to open his blacksmith’s workshop. Collie St. Amand.

Sébastien Aniballe invests time in his development. the knifefrom drawings to their cases, which he carves out of pieces. leather. Their lines are soft and unadorned in common. ” I designed all my knives for my own use. Their slightly curved shape, a simple line, is pleasing. “, he admits before adding:” I also think that what attracts people is their versatility. I don’t want my knives to go in display cases. Their purpose is to serve. »

Design your knife from A to Z.

Its limit, is called Canis lupus, where his knives bear the names of famous wolves (Alfa, Raksha, Fenir, Aquila, Sif and Lovito), were designed from olive, walnut or chestnut and deer antler, buffalo horn or warthog tusk. Never short of ideas, Sebastian Annibale works to order, adapting his inspiration and materials to the client’s request, who can come within 90 meters of him and see his work live on site.2 of the workshop. ” Before that, I developed in 40 meters.2. I wanted to do great work but also for people and schools to come and see what I do. My aim is to revive this type of trade. »
Which he also does. Courses in Blacksmithing and Cutlery. For two days, he welcomes two “students” to teach them the basics of his trade. ” We start with a raw piece of steel and leave with a finished knife. Their goal is to make everything themselves. I supervise them and I am only there to correct mistakes. »

Among the many projects he has been carrying out to revitalize his profession, his workshop and the town of Saint-Amand, Sébastien Annable counts the dedication of his eponymous knife to his adopted village: St. Amandwhich it will introduce next year. Nantran Knife Festival. ” Cutlery is an institution in France. Having one can bring fame. »

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