Do Kwon on the run: Interpol in the process of issuing a red notice against the founder of Terra (LUNA)

Stop me if you can – After the continuing disaster of the stunt of the UST stablecoin and Terra (LUNA) Occurred in May 2022, they are the main founder, Do Kwon, was under intense judicial surveillance. The latter having become untraceable, the justice of South Korea calls on the services ofInterpol to try to find him and stop him.

Do Kwon, public enemy number one in South Korea?

After September 14, 2022, Do Kwon is the under the blow of a arrest warrant issued by the South Korean justice. The founder of the Terra project seems to have anticipated this, since he simply took to their heels.

As reported in particular by The Block, South Korea has now appealed to the international investigation office ofInterpol to find Do Kwon. unite “red notice” has been issued to they are found. The red notices concerning fugitives who are wanted either to be playeither for purge a comb.

The founder of Terra has in any case left no trace since his recent visit to Singapore, and is working to remain very discreet on his whereabouts, I mismanaged a speech of collaboration with justice. But where is Do Kwon? Interpol may find out soon.

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