District 31: Michel Trudeau promises an emotional final

Michel trudeau, the producer of the hugely popular series (though not as popular as Masked singerss) District 31, promised his audience a final filled with emotion after the return of the holidays.

Indeed, after an eventful half-season, District 31 will take a break to celebrate Christmas and New Years and will be back in 2022. The producer has decided to titillate us with a post on his Twitter page: ” This year, the end of # District31 in April, will surpass anything you have experienced emotionally with us so far. That’s all. We’ll talk to each other again in April ”.

Remember thatÈve Landry landed the role of the new lieutenant of the District 31 during the current season. ” It’s a challenge that I wanted to take up, it’s been a long time since I saw “District 31” evolve, that I heard the actors speak about the workload and the frantic pace. But I thrive on challenges, so it attracted me a lot She said in an interview for the Journal of Montreal.

The brilliant actress shared a piece of advice all the more because Luc Dionne gave him just before starting filming: ” Luc Dionne told me: “I hope you don’t expect to come back to 31 with flowers!” I mostly started with that sentence. I also built from the fact that she had lost her fellow patroller. Yes, she’s cold, I told myself that she protects herself, that she doesn’t want to come into contact with people too quickly, for fear of losing them, especially at the 31st. ».

Even more, Lieutenant Gabrielle (Genevieve Brouillette) said goodbye to the series.

« Dear District 31 fans. That’s it for Gabrielle. Another great adventure in my acting career which is coming to an end. I just want to tell you that I am fine, I am completely serene. The characters come and go, the time to serve a story, and that’s normal, that’s the life of an actress […] Already 33 years old and at least as many characters as I am there. I won’t hide from you that I was saddened by learning of Gabrielle’s departure, but it did not last, because I lived so many beautiful moments with the team and my dear fellow actors. She admitted in a video posted on her Facebook page.

We do not know how the series can give us even more emotions, but we will be there! And you?

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