Daily increase Dai Lianchuang experts predict millions

  (New Slippery Slippery) Daily record-breaking anti-prediction number

Beijing, Beijing, December 18th, news: The latest data on the official website shows that at 17:14 on the 17th European time, the cumulative number of new crowns has reached 19 271963258 cases.

  : U.S. experts predict that millions of billions of people will

According to statistics from University Johns University on the 18th, there were 99 new cases, 46,140,466 new cases, 1983 new deaths, a total of 6,50,616,347 cases, and 5,805,254 deaths.

0 The local storm health department, states and states have 21,027 new cases of new crowns on the 17th, and the record has been increasing since the outbreak. The current New York new crown virus is about 8%. It is known that disease prevention. 1 New York State prevention. 1 In the crown case, Ke Mi is one secret. %.11113.1, the spread of this proof

Experts in the United States predict that there will be millions of consumers in the next three to eight weeks, although most of the Omijon strain will be given to the healthcare system.

Canada itself and multiple governments have strengthened the tightening of public anti-epidemic measures. From December 21, all

There were 3124 new cases in the province of Japan, a new high on May 4; British Columbia reported 9789 new cases and 3 deaths on the same day, and the number of cases increased to 5, 130, and 135; daily reports increased Dangdang Province 68 3768

Canadian freshmen say that the scene of Oak infection is real

  : Britain increased its record for three consecutive days in France

According to the government’s epidemic data on the 17th, there were 30,93,045 new cases in the country in a single day, and the highest number of new cases was 1 111 in three consecutive days. The cumulative number exceeded 1,119, and there were 5 new cases. . The number of Omick cases increased by 20 3201, with a total of 14909

On the 17th, the Australian cotton strain, the Omijon strain, the United Kingdom is very, very threatening, the country is very, very trendy, and it has become a Scottish spreading strain. The Creon strain in this area

The updated data on the 17th showed that there were 12 new cases of new crowns in a single day, 128 128 cases, 3 new cases of 163 cases, cumulative cases of 852 cases, and 12 cumulative cases of cumulative Ao-Ao 310 cases.

11 11, France is experiencing, December 12, the fifth day of the world, December 22, 20, 12, 22, 12, December 3, starting vaccine booster needles;, the government 2222 launched the new Cambodian Xiamen in January 2022, will ” “Pass” is changed to “New Coronary Vaccine Pass for Health”, in addition to strengthening the “pass inspection” and false certificates”

On the 17th, after the Minister of State of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom’s Minister of Health, Germany must

Indicating the spread of the Austrian strain, Germany is likely to have to participate in the fifth wave of the pandemic. The Austrian strain is relatively low, and it may decline. The number of newly introduced cases has increased, and the low trend is down. “It is necessary to slowly crack the tide of the Mikeron strain, taking time as the unit for more

  : Korean New Crown Theme Tourists

On the 14th, Yonhap News Agency on the 18th, South Korea’s single-day South Korean single reported 14 new cases on the 14th 73rd day, and the new group of interviewees on the 16th, 16 10 people created an epidemic

The government has suspended the policy of coexistence with the new crown on the 16th. The policy will be tightened day by day. The plan will be implemented until January 2, 2022, when the epidemic prevention will be evaluated.

00 For Mi Mi Rong, Japan’s daily inspection, inspection, and treatment are three comprehensive comprehensive integrations 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 ⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁁⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇ ⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇ ⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇

According to official Thai statistics on the 17th, there were 32 32 3132 cases on a national single day, and 28 new cases were newly added

The New Crown Epidemic Management Center allows intentions, although the organizer of the Crown Mian to hold a New Year’s Eve event provides a harsh event to support the public celebration.Check if you can get confused

  He Dazhou: Said Oomi Zhiyangyang

According to the media 18,,,,,,,,,,, Secret Agency, and large-scale Japanese medical and medical care, in the latest report, the declining effect of Kirkron’s censorship has also been negatively affected.

% The company’s virus. 12% of the people infected with the new crown virus were admitted to hospital for treatment, and 17% were sent to severe or critically ill New Zealand. The epidemic time of the round of epidemics was 8 4.8% and 7.7%. At the same time, the sum of the infected. End (End)

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