Current account deficit at 40-month high

Exports are expected to rise and imports decline in December, economic analysts say. Photo file

Karachi: The current account deficit reached 9 1.91 billion in November, the highest in 40 months.

The current account deficit, which was 1. 1.76 billion in October, widened to 1. 1.91 billion in November due to an increase in imports, according to a tweet on the SBP’s Twitter handle. This

Talking to Express Tribune, Sami A. Tariq, Research Head, Pak-Kuwait Investment Company, said that the current account deficit has been lower than expected. The current account deficit was expected to be 2 2.5 billion.

Fahdrov, head of research at Ismail Iqbal Securities, said there were also discrepancies between the SBP and Pakistan Bureau of Statistics statistics. The SBP reported ڈالر 1.5 billion less imports than PBS figures. This indicates that payments for some goods purchased in November were not made in the same month. This amount will now be added in the coming months and the current account deficit is likely to increase further in December.

According to Sami-e-Tariq, export earnings are expected to increase by 20 200 million to 30 300 million in December, while imports are expected to decline by 70 700 million to 80 800 million.

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