Cryptos against GAFAM: the metaverse war has already started

The GAFAM monopoly pointed out – To use the terms used in report published by Grayscale last november, the metaverse was seen by some as the start of a “new paradigm”. In addition, the metaverse could become the basis of new technologies that will be found in Web 3.0. However, the presence of one of the GAFAM is feared.

The SandBox does not want to have GAFAM in its hands

In an interview, the co-founder of The SandBox, Sebastien borget declared wanting protect the metaverse de the intrusion of Web 2.0 giants. According to him, today’s big tech companies, like Meta, represent a risk for the metaverse. Indeed, Sébastien Borget explains that the business model of these companies will against decentralization. However, according to him, this is essential to the metaverse. He also ruled out any connection between these remarks and considerations of a competitive nature.

” The way that [les GAFAM] project the vision of creating the metaverse really lacks diversity. We don’t think these companies can come up with something really fun that is user-oriented, because they have focused primarily on their business model and how to keep shareholders happy rather than users. “

Sebastien borget

The co-founder of The SandBox observes that GAFAM have a monopole on Web 2.0, when that is precisely what the Web 3.0 players are trying to avoid. According to him, The SandBox is currently the most promising project to develop a open and decentralized metaverse, and it seems like it’s just the start.

The metavers platform has just closed a new fundraising campaign of 93 million dollars. In addition, the main shareholder is Animoca Brands which specializes in blockchain games. Therefore, there is no doubt that The SandBox has some arguments to make to get ahead of GAFAM in the race for metaverse.

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