Cryptocurrencies: the limits of the safety reserve

Cryptocurrencies: the limits of the safety reserve

With flaws, but useful – The FTX Disaster put forward proof of reserve. Some crypto players see it as compensation for misuse of customer cryptocurrencies. Although this evidence improves the transparency of third-party depositaries, it still has certain flaws.

Reserve evidence: limited trust

the dances are Tweeter on November 9, the technical director of House, Jameson Loppa nuanced the real capabilities of reserve proof establish the necessary transparency. It would then be useful to guarantee the security of customer cryptocurrencies held by a third-party custodian. Casa is a key manager provider to simplify and secure storage in self-guard cryptocurrencies.

In the wake of the scandalous revelations that demonstrated the downfall of FTX, this type of evidence proved in a strong mediation from major crypto players. Note from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Proof of reserve was then presented as THE solution to prevent a repeated recall of FTX, for crypto exchanges that will survive the current crisis. But the beginnings of the collapse of the empire of Sam Bankman FriedJameson Lopp pointed out that ” reserve protection is not a panacea “.

For the technical director of Casa, according to the confidence in this type of proof is equivalent to doing the same “to the attestation of the auditor”. I also indicated that with reserve evidence, observers cannot really expect that reserves are greater than liabilities “.

James Lopp has also insisted on this last point more recently. I told the Decipher media outlet that one of the main problems with the precautionary reserve is being unable to “prove that there is nothing more passive than active.”

As early as November 9, the technical director of Casa had thus drawn the limits of the proof of reserve, in his tweet. However, he had admitted that he was still Better to have this type of proofrather “than not having it”.

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Transparency of crypto exchanges: the best is the enemy of the good

Other industry players have also criticized or defended the proof of reserve. But in their speeches, they evoke all the advantages and the limits of the latter.

The analyst nic carter is a long-time proponent of reserve proof. He thus wants some form of proof – because it can and have several – who Reveal might as well book ’em you tell ’em of the depositary. For example, BitMEX appears on the list of crypto markets which has two sides to its financial status.

Reserve proof: a minimum of information on the cryptocurrency holdings of crypto exchanges is always better than opaque management?

As for the criticisms against the proof of reserve, Nic Carter brings them an answer which wants to be pragmatic south are the website. Although this precaution is not “perfectly reliable in the same current implementation”, he recalled that “today, the industry norm is near zero transparency”.

In other words, the device has shortcomings, but it’s still better than nothing, and above all Better than I current opacity Regarding the management of customer requests by third-party custodians.

Despite this pragmatic vision which promotes the use of proof of reserve, the latter still suffers from a another theory of limits. It would affect its reliability. Recently, crypto exchanges reportedly – conditionally – carried out transactions that are only intended to pass – or to manipulate, it depends – reserve security audits.

Proof of reserve therefore cannot guarantee clients of a crypto exchange that they can always withdraw their cryptocurrencies, whenever they want, at any time. Today, own ownership This remained the only way to be certain of actually being able to dispose of one’s assets.

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