Craon traders sell jewelry hidden in real chicken eggs!

In Craon (Mayenne) in 2021, Sophie Beunaiche and Marie Bossuet from the Tentation store sell jewelry hidden in real chicken eggs. (© Haut Anjou)

For four years, at Craon (Mayenne), Marie Bossuet, manager of store Temptation, and her daughter Sophie Beunaiche, employee, offer a sale of most original jewelry.

The jewels to offer are inserted in real chicken eggs.

You have to crack the shell, to find out. The concept of Eggstra (name of this operation) is as follows.

“You choose a bracelet or a necklace (different models are available). It is then inserted into a pouch itself slipped inside a chicken egg. Then the shell is re-welded and the solder repainted, so as not to let anything appear. “

Sophie Beunaicheemployee in the Tentation store

Of course, beforehand, the egg was emptied of its contents (yolk and white), cleaned and dried.

Total surprise

The egg is installed in a box with a knot.

“We discovered this process at one of our suppliers,” explains Sophie Beunaiche. The creator, Carole Capes-Montigny, is based at Castel-Jaloux, in the Lot-et-Garonne.

The latter was a banking trainer when she had “this idea one morning when I got up. It took me, I won’t hide it from you, a lot of testing to achieve this result, ”indicates the designer, who does not wish to reveal her techniques.

White and yellow recovered

She leaves nothing to chance.

“The eggs are local. And I don’t want any waste, so I work with local caterers and pastry chefs so that the raw materials I take from the egg (the yolk and white) are reused. “

Carole Capes-Montignythe creator

Marie, Sophie and Carole do not hide that to receive such gift “is a source of strong emotions” because very often, the person wonders why he receives an egg. She doesn’t understand right away.

“Some women think it’s a joke and ask for a bowl before they crack the egg. “

Sophie Beunaicheemployee at Tentation

Four to six sold per day

Right now, with the holidays, “we’re selling between four and six a day. “

These jewelry eggs are sold all year round.

“For specific events (baptisms, weddings, etc.), it is recommended to book well in advance. “With Eggstra,” spread happiness “to your loved ones!

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