COVID-19: Artists react to the latest news …

COVID-19: Artists react to the latest news …

The recent government announcements have disappointed us all. We will spend a second Christmas in pandemic mode, a small intimate Christmas. Our New Year’s Day will also be celebrated as well. Our hopes were high for the holiday season this year and disappointments are normal.

Here are the reactions of several Quebec artists, some showing their certain disappointment and others, sending a message full of hope. How do you feel?

This video from William Cloutier, big winner of Star Académie 2021, is hilarious and a little sad at the same time. Yes, yes, if the rainbow encouraged us in the beginning, now we are really tired.

« I corrected it. I wrote 2019. Surely my subconscious which has the impression that it’s been a decade already ».

Mélanie Maynard had a holiday season in privacy, but no less precious. Let’s see the positive side!

« Small tree. Little Christmas.
But warm moments with the precious »

The actor and host, Fabien Cloutier shares with us a message full of joy! If there is snow, we can at least enjoy what we have. Let’s go play outside!

« At least there is snow to play outside!
Photo: @emiledaviddavid »

A discreet message from the actress Marina Orsini who shares with us this hopeful image. Here is the translation.

« Take a deep breath, it’s a bad day not a bad life ».

The wonderful Ingrid Falaise shares this hopeful message with us. Yes, there is something beautiful, even if we can forget it… Thank you for the reminder, Ingrid!

« Melt into the winter and breathe in the moment, that’s all we can do for now. There is always something beautiful straight ahead, I promise
@sage_rebelle_photo »

A little reminder not to forget the artists … Let’s continue to encourage our Quebec artists!

« Since last Thursday, I have the feeling of living a heartbreak.

The news of the past week has not been easy for anyone to hear. Artists, musicians, producers, I am thinking of you.

Please do not request refunds for your show tickets and continue to purchase them.

For now, take some time for yourself and be careful ».

Finally, here is a beautiful message of hope from Mom Caffeine.



This year, I didn’t want to do a once-a-day contest and overload my holiday schedule with publications. I have done this in the past. But this year, with the reality that has been watching us for months with the disappointments that surround it, I wanted to send you messages of hope and gentleness.


Not that I don’t like to spoil you, on the contrary, moreover, I made 3-4 and one is coming tomorrow. But beyond that, I wanted to take the time to chat with my community, to discuss, to focus on my beautiful projects which were launched @olliecompagnie, @mamanenaffaires and my books!


I have something big coming in 2022, it will be a mega year again haha! In addition to the arrival of baby # 5, I wanted to experience softness, non-stress, quality presence with my family too.


What makes that I will have a frank and felt smile for Christmas and the holidays of the children! And that’s all I wish you win too! In the end, nothing is more precious than these magical moments with your coconuts and the people you love. This more than important detail is too often forgotten through futile messages or the overabundance of social media.


Sincerely, from the heart, find this sweet and serene way of feeling a frank and zen smile during the holidays, (at all times in real life), despite the reality this year and the adaptation still. These precious moments pass under our noses, it is up to us to seize them, even in the most basic of forms. ».

In 2022, the colors of the rainbow will be seen.

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