Copy of Indian drama ‘Gopi Bahu’, wife washes husband’s laptop and mobile

The couple got married in 2019: Photofile

It is said that the material shown on TV has a profound effect on human culture and mind and an incident that took place in India has proved this to be true.

According to Indian media reports, the 35-year-old wife of an engineer living in England, India, washed her husband’s laptop and mobile phone like a Gopi sister in fear of Corona.

According to media reports, the couple got married in 2019 after which the two moved to England where the husband started working in a technical company while the wife was obsessed with cleaning the house.

Due to the Corona epidemic, his wife’s hygiene became obsessive and he became accustomed to washing everything from small household items to electrical appliances.

Disgusted with his wife’s obsessive habit, the husband also contacted the doctors but despite counseling, his wife’s habit could not be eradicated.

Later, the woman’s mother died, after which the woman sent the children out, asking them to clean the house for 30 days, and according to her husband, she started taking bath 6 times a day.

According to Indian media, the woman is suffering from a mental illness called OCD.

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