Companies are fighting it: Request Finance decentralized invoicing adopted en masse

November 23, 2021, the decentralized invoicing network Request Finance announces a partnership with the pioneers of the metaverse The Sandbox to take care of the payroll and invoices of the project.

LThe REQ token then experienced a meteoric appreciation. But far from the vagaries of listing, another piece of news is about to make a big splash. These are now over 1,000 companies using Request Finance for their accounting.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Request Finance.

Request Network, the initial project

Request Network will initially be launched in 2017. The project has a simple goal. He wants to allow individuals and professionals to manage their invoices as well as their payments, directly on the blockchain. Transactions are processed between the parties involved, without intermediaries. They are then recorded on-chain in order to facilitate verification. As a result, exchanges and interactions are thus greatly facilitated.

Request Network invoicing is carried out without an intermediary

What’s more, Request Network has a very important legal pole. Thus, commercial law is perfectly applied. This allows you to create invoices that always comply with various local laws. A very rigorous approach, at the origin of an important first phase of adoption. From then on, we are witnessing the emergence of new, more specific needs.

Request Finance, the answer that changes everything

Indeed, companies are converting en masse to blockchain technology. Therefore, a dedicated application is necessary for them to manage cryptocurrency transactions.

To respond to this problem, Request Finance is launched in 2020. Initially, this application aims to host all les transactions crypto of the network.

Request Finance will allow companies to get paid in crypto-currencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, and many more
Request Finance is a solution to support payments in crypto-currencies

With Request Finance, users can also:

  • Perform and receive crypto payments safely
  • Interact via a dozen blockchains. More than 50 crypto-currencies are accepted
  • Use blockchain addresses as bank details
  • Free yourself from administrative constraints

Other features will be available in the future. The monitoring of expenses, the possibility of carrying out an automated payroll management, etc … Integration with accounting software is also announced for soon.

More than a thousand companies use it already

Since September 2020, Request Finance has recorded over $ 161 million of payments on its application. 16.5 million just for this month. In addition, the network user base grows by an average of 26% every month.. This is how the number of companies and start-ups that have adopted Request Finance has already exceeded a thousand. :

The number of Request users explodes with the craze for cryptocurrencies and the rise of blockchain networks
Since April 2021, the use of Request Finance has increased significantly

“Reaching the Thousand is proof that we’re building something people want. We are proud to work with major players in the web3 and metaverse industry. Our objective is now to reach 50,000 builders and creators of web3 within two years ”

Christophe Lassuyt, co-founder of Request Finance

Renowned players seize the solution

Among the many partner companies, we can mention enormous references such as:

  • Aave, the benchmark for decentralized loans and borrowings
  • Paraswap, an aggregator of DEXs
  • The Graph, a blockchain data indexing protocol
  • Arianee, a traceability solution in the form of NFT for luxury items
  • Near Protocol, a smart contracts platform
  • The Sandbox, a benchmark decentralized metavers project. He is no stranger to the explosion in the price of the REQ token

To celebrate this important milestone, Request Finance will reward its first 1000 users with REQ tokens. The amount of tokens given to each user will be linked to the volume of payments made through Request Finance.

Request Finance is a platform that helps build the future of finance. In a decentralized economy, it allows better management of its transactions. It empowers its users by giving them more control over their capital.

In addition, it ensures the security of the entire ecosystem through blockchain technology. Freelancers and companies can thus gain confidence and ease their administrative procedures. Relevant, efficient, and now credible, Request Finance seems to hold all the keys to success.

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