Chateaubriand: They grew a huge agave in their garden

These residents of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) have managed to grow tropical agave three meters high in their garden. © DR

Exotic flowers Native to and commonly grown in Mexico. Towards the sea I Tropical regionsI’agave It’s not really in its natural environment when you choose to plant it. Chateaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).

So it is without particular hope that Joseph and his wife will receive the plant. In the center of the garden in Nantes Conurbation last spring. Gardening enthusiast, Joseph plants it in his garden, perhaps seeing it wilt quickly. It is quite the opposite.

Quickly, the agave began to grow fifty centimeters per week.

Agave when purchased in June 2022.
Agave was purchased in June 2022. © DR

An agave over three meters tall

At the end of summer, the Castelbriantais therefore plant an agave tree over three meters high in their garden, which is the curiosity of the passers-by of the rue du Maréchal Foch.where they live.

It’s all the more surprising since then. We did not water it, and neither is treated with a particular product. The scorching heat was probably enough to please the tropical flower.

The fact is that if the couple’s garden has blossomed spectacularly, for the agave owner “If we now grow this type of plant in Chateaubriand, This is more proof that global warming is really here! »

After enjoying its extraordinary flower all summer, Joseph and his wife will now see it wither. in effect, This abnormal growth often overwhelms the agave, which dies back.

Castelbriantais will soon retire. New Efforts in Tropical Plants Their garden is apparently blessed with a micro-climate.

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