Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte. We met King Henry IV, guest of the Christmas festivities

After the castle of Sully-sur-Loire, Henri IV (alias Christophe Bergera), will be passing through Vaux-le-Vicomte on December 18, 2021 © CAWPhotos

Saturday 18 December 2021, the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte , located at Maincy (Seine-et-Marne), will offer his 14e “Grand Siècle Christmas”, where associations and individuals will come in costume to bring back the great characters of history. And that’s good, King Henry IV, who reigned over the kingdom of France between the 2 August 1589 to 14 May 1610, is invited !

Sire, is this the first time that you are going to go to Vaux-le-Vicomte?

No, I have already been there last June, on the occasion of the Grand Siècle day. I really liked it and I was looking forward to coming back!

Isn’t it a bit special to change the century for a day? What will your program be?

First of all, it allows me to stroll through the castle and the gardens to meet visitors from your time. We’ll talk about history, sure, but we’ll also do this fun thing that you call ‘selfies’ that I discovered last time around. I must admit that strutting in front of people who find me beautiful, I love it.

It must be said that we no longer find costumes like yours these days …

And that amuses me! Visitors will vote for the best costume and I really hope to win this award. I made the trip with a purple costume in embossed fabric, it will have its effect, I’m sure!

. (©CAWPhotos)

During this unprecedented Christmas, you will meet old acquaintances. Who would you like to chat with?

My grandson Louis XIV, obviously ! I will perhaps meet him during wanderings in the garden or the castle, even if I know that he does not necessarily appreciate the host of the places, a certain Nicolas Fouquet

You came last year, you are coming back this year, does that mean that you like Seine-et-Marne, a region that is a thousand leagues from your native Béarn?

Yes, I really appreciate the land of Vaux. And then you know everyone only talks to me about this dreadful thing St. Bartholomew. So I think next year I’ll be in a black velvet Protestant suit and maybe I’ll invite Ravaillac. A king on the arm of his assassin, that could amuse the public!

Interview with Christophe Bergera, inhabitant of Bazoches-lès-Bray and president of the association La Troupe de Henrichemont et Boisbelle.

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