Booster doses of Pfizer and Biotech are able to neutralize Omi Kron

Pfizer and Biotech pharmaceutical companies say their 3-shot course of the Code 19 vaccine is capable of neutralizing Corona’s new variant Omi Kroon.

Biowin Tech and Pfizer say the three-shot course of the Ski Code 19 vaccine has been able to influence the new Omi Cron variant Kobe in laboratory tests.

Pfizer and Bio-Tech say they can provide upgraded vaccines in March 2022 if needed.

The companies say the test showed an increase in antibodies from the third dose of the vaccine, while blood samples taken about a month after the third shot showed the Omi Crown Warrant to be ineffective.

The CEO of Pfizer says that the booster shot of the cod vaccine is the best option to compete with the Omi Cron variant.

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